From athlete to restaurateur, Travins has made his mark

Luke Travins has done much during his 24-year stay in Colorado Springs to shape the restaurant scene that so many residents hold dear. A native of New York City, Travins moved here in 1990 to train on the U.S. National Team for team handball. He continued to live and train at the Olympic Training Center while starting with Concept Restaurants in 1991 at what is now MacKenzie?s Chop House (then known as Beckett?s). He left three years later to focus on his newfound career ? and in another three years, became partner in the company.

During his time as president of New Concept Enterprises Inc., Travins has put a number of notches in his belt: He?s opened two new locations (Flatiron?s and a second Jose Muldoon?s on Powers Boulevard), served on various boards and steering committees, and continues to raise two sons (Luke, 15, and Tucker, 12) with his wife Melissa. The 44-year-old businessman talked this week about his restaurants ? Ritz Grill, MacKenzie?s, Jose Muldoon?s, Flatiron?s and SouthSide Johnny?s ? his athleticism and how those things correlate with the business community.

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