EDITORIAL: City for Champions a textbook example of fair, open process

If opponents of City for Champions want to help Colorado Springs, they will direct a helping of their distrust and skepticism up the road to Aurora.

The Gaylord hotel/convention project, a scheme concocted by Aurora city officials and one private developer, will discourage tourists from making it to Denver, Colorado Springs or other parts of the state. The giant convention center, and a planned water park and assortments of other on-site amenities, will provide a one-stop wonder for visitors. Conventioneers will get off planes, gaze at mountains while attending meetings and such, then return to DIA without getting so far as Denver.

Two residents of Aurora filed suit last week, claiming the project violates Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) and a law that prevents urban renewal boards from declaring undeveloped agricultural land as “blight.” The lawsuit has full support of the Independence Institute, Colorado’s conservative, limited-government public policy research center. The Aurora project, like City for Champions, was awarded a rebate of state taxes under Colorado’s Regional Tourism Act. That’s where similarities end.

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