City going deeper into a hole

Being driven deeper into a hole

We and others believe City for Champions is a brilliant plan to bring the most visible elements of Colorado Springs together – Air Force Academy, UCCS, sports and medicine, art – to fill in the gaps and make the city into a coherent piece, like a beautiful, hand-crafted quilt. A piece where everyone is welcome, encouraged and involved, functioning at the level of their personal best and becoming part of the ever-evolving fabric of the city.

Everybody needs to get behind the CforC initiative and make it happen. So far, certain members of City Council have seemed to want to scuttle – single handedly – the whole idea. While they are accountable to their voters, they are also required to provide leadership to improve our community as more or less the “legislative” branch of city government. We do have a mayor who was elected to head up that process. The council needs to cooperate with him as well as with the Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Regional Business Alliance, which have spearheaded this initiative and many others who support it.

Have they not noticed the dire straits Colorado Springs has fallen into? Take a drive and notice the numerous potholes and commercial vacancies. That’s the least of it. By their refusing to take action, we’re being driven deeper into a hole. We must be bold and optimistic.

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