EDITORIAL: Governor talks about merits of Bach, City for Champions

The Gazette editorial

May 22, 2014

Don’t complain about Colorado Springs to Gov. John Hickenlooper. The Democrat and former Denver mayor views our community as a place attractive to young professionals and new businesses, citing a national survey that identified the Springs as the third-easiest city in the country in which to start a small business.

Hickenlooper is a strong supporter of City for Champions and believes it could lead to the kind of renaissance seen in Lower Downtown Denver when he was a business leader and mayor.

By all means, do not complain to him about Mayor Steve Bach – a man the governor believes will help lead Colorado Springs to a better cultural and economic future.

“You guys have one the best mayors,” Hickenlooper said during a visit with The Gazette’s editorial board Tuesday. “I know he’s had his bumps and he’s not without his turbulence within his relationships with the council, but I think that’s pretty common with really good mayors. Every time I see something where he’s dealing, I see growth. I see that he’s a better mayor almost every month. Sometimes you don’t realize that, because you’re living with him every day. He’s pretty impressive.”

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